About Dr. Lacey White, Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist

Meet Lacey White, PT, DPT, your dedicated pelvic rehabilitation specialist. Committed to top-notch care, Lacey continually advances her education through specialized training at institutes like Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, The Barral Institute, Positional Release Therapy Institute, and the Upledger Institute.

In practice, Lacey identifies symptoms’ root causes, empowering patients by reconnecting them with their bodies. Her therapeutic philosophy revolves around facilitating a reconnection with the body, promoting not only physical but also mental and emotional health. Utilizing gentle approaches aligning with the body’s healing capabilities, she incorporates pelvic, craniosacral, visceral, positional release, blended with traditional physical therapy and holistic treatment options focused on prevention and wellness.

Lacey’s personal journey includes overcoming chronic pelvic issues through the very treatments she now offers to her patients. This firsthand experience enhances her ability to empathize and guide others toward lasting relief, especially when conventional treatments have proven ineffective.

Staying updated on the field’s latest advancements ensures the highest standard of care for her patients. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic issues or aiming to optimize your overall well-being, Lacey is here to guide you through a personalized and transformative healing journey.

Beyond her professional journey, Lacey cherishes settling down in Southeast Idaho with her husband and little boy. Embracing the community, she enjoys outdoor activities, whether it’s through running, biking, rock climbing, camping, or hiking (while diligently keeping the bugs at a distance).  Working towards becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, she seamlessly integrates holistic philosophies into her sessions, aiming to guide you back to activities you love for an active and fulfilling life.

Lacey isn’t just a physical therapist; she’s an enthusiast of life’s experiences, ready to help you reclaim the joy in your activities in vibrant Southeast Idaho.