About Dr. Lacey White, Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapist

Lacey White, PT, DPT

I am a licensed physical therapist who specializes in pelvic rehabilitation.

Striving to provide the best care, I continuously progress my education. I have received unique training through several institutes including:

As a physical therapist, I am dedicated to finding root cause and empowering my patients. Above all, I help people reconnect with their bodies and maximize their physical, mental, and emotional health. My beliefs center on gentle treatments that support the body’s natural healing capabilities. This is made possible by the following types of therapy:

These unique therapies help many patients succeed, even when they have tried countless other treatment options. As a matter of fact, I was able to heal from chronic pelvic issues myself through these treatments. Since I’ve been a patient before, I feel extra blessed to help others  find lasting relief too.

I am currently a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Section of Women’s Health, and Idaho Physical Therapy Association.


Degree: Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Idaho State University

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Brigham Young University - Idaho

Settling down in Southeast Idaho with my little family has been a dream. I especially love to be a part of this strong and active community.  I enjoy being outdoors through running, biking, rock climbing, camping, and hiking as long as I can keep the bugs at a distance. My biggest joy is being a mom to a sweet baby boy. Presently, I am working toward becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher and use these philosophies in my treatment sessions. Other interests include reading, crocheting, and cooking. I am passionate about helping patients return to their favorite types of activities so they can enjoy them right along with me!