Pelvic Floor

Experience a holistic approach to pelvic floor wellness guided by our expert physical therapists. Treating the pelvic floor, alongside adjacent structures, is a cornerstone in addressing various conditions – from chronic low back pain and hip discomfort to pelvic pain, sciatica, urinary frequency, constipation, incontinence, prolapse, sexual pain, and issues related to pregnancy and postpartum, including diastasis recti.

Pelvic Floor Overview

Dive deeper into the intricate understanding of your pelvic floor—a pivotal group of bowl-shaped muscles spanning the bottom of your pelvis. Beyond its indispensable role in bowel, bladder, and sexual function, these muscles form a fundamental foundation, supporting your body both above and below. The solidity, strength, and mobility of these muscles are crucial for pain-free movement. Compromised pelvic health can trigger compensations in the rest of the spine, potentially leading to pain and dysfunction in the upper back, neck, jaw, and even headaches.

However, the journey toward pelvic wellness extends beyond merely making muscles and tissues more mobile or robust. It encompasses the profound aspect of regaining a sense of safety in your body and calmness in the world. Our approach recognizes the interconnectedness of physical and emotional well-being. The pelvic floor, as a protective and emotional area of our bodies, plays a significant role in influencing our overall sense of security and tranquility.

Recognizing the uniqueness of your pelvis is vital. Like any other muscle, it can exhibit tightness, weakness, or coordination issues. Due to its protective and emotional nature, this area is distinct. It guards essential openings in your body and is often linked to traumatic events, such as childbirth, assault, or falling on the tailbone.

Common, Not Normal

Challenge the misconception that pelvic symptoms are normal. Our dedicated physical therapists emphasize that while these issues may be common, they are far from normal. A comprehensive assessment and targeted treatment are essential, eliminating guesswork in evaluating the pelvic floor’s mobility, strength, and coordination. Treatment goes beyond simplistic approaches like kegels, recognizing the complexity inherent in restoring pelvic health.

Let our experts guide you through a holistic approach to pelvic floor wellness, ensuring your well-being receives the focused attention and specialized care it deserves. Your transformative journey towards pelvic health starts with us.