Positional Release

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“The universe is bound by unseen threads, we have only to untangle them a little to see a pattern unfold.”

-Kathleen Tessaro

This treatment utilizes a pain- free approach to treating tight, weak, and painful muscles for improved movement and quality of life. Positional release therapy is unique from other manual techniques because it targets the nervous system for symptom relief and long-lasting change.

People commonly refer to “muscle knots” that cause pain and tightness. Some will want massages to get rid of these knots. Maybe you have even experienced someone forcefully and painfully pressing on muscle knots. With positional release, we view these knots like knots in a rope. To untangle a rope, you wouldn’t just mash it or dig your elbow into it, but rather would bring the ends closer together and untangle it. By placing the body into specific positions, it allows your muscle to “untangle” and the nervous system to reset to normal. This decreases your pain, restores your mobility, and increases your strength.

This type of therapy is commonly used to treat muscle strains, general muscle weakness, low back pain, glute weakness, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain (TMJ), and hip pain and tightness. It is also used to optimize athletic performance, recover from injuries more quickly, and prepare for childbirth.