Prevention and Wellness

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

Healthcare is not only rehabilitation after a problem, but should focus on prevention.

Here at Pelvic Rehab Pocatello, you will never have arbitrary visit limits dictated by your insurance company. You have the ability to choose, along with the help of your physical therapist, the elements of your treatment plan including frequency, visit number, and personalized, meaningful goals. Furthermore, just like you see your dentist for a cleaning every six months, many patients choose to come in for wellness visits to ensure they avoid injury and enjoy a healthy body.

Since these issues almost never occur in isolation, many patients discover that other issues (i.e. constipation, pain with intercourse, leaking urine while running) are resolved along with their chief problem (i.e. low back pain). Sometimes they are more excited about fixing these other issues – they just never knew it was possible.

Before treatment, I often hear women say “this is just the cost of having children” or “this is just what happens with age” or “all of my friends have the same issues.” I always educate them with the possibilities and explain that just because these issues are COMMON does not mean they are NORMAL. They can be successfully treated without invasive procedures, expensive surgery, or side effects of medication.

Conservative care first should be an integral part of prevention and overall wellness! From decreasing fall risk in the elderly to increasing athletic performance in a marathon runner to preparing for an empowered delivery for an expecting mother, your goals are achievable!